Michael D. Farkas

Founder, Executive Chairman, and CEO

Mr. Farkas is the founder and manager of The Farkas Group, a privately held investment firm. Mr. Farkas also currently holds the position of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Atlas Group, where its subsidiary, Atlas Capital Services, a broker-dealer, has successfully raised more than $200 million for a number of public clients until it withdrew its FINRA registration in 2007. Over the last 20 years, Mr. Farkas has established a successful track record as a principal investor across a variety of industries, including telecommunications, technology, aerospace and defense, and automotive retail.

Louis Buffalino


Louis Buffalino is a senior vice president in Cushman & Wakefield's New York office and brings to the Board over 30 years of experience in real estate services, project and development services, facility services, and capital markets. Mr. Buffalino's success in global growth will aid Blink in identifying opportunities and cultivating new relationships in domestic and international markets. Mr. Buffalino is also a seasoned broker with extensive experience representing a wide range of corporate clients.

Donald Engel


Mr. Engel served as Managing Director and consultant at Drexel Burnham Lambert for 15 years. Mr. Engel managed developed new business relationships and represented clients such as Warner Communications and KKR & Co., L.P. Mr. Engel also served as a consultant to Bear Stearns and as a Director of such companies as Revlon, Uniroyal Chemical, Levitz, Banner Industries, Savannah Pulp & Paper, and APL Corp. In the last decade, Mr. Engel consulted to Morgan Joseph TriArtisan.

Jack Levine, CPA


Jack Levine has been the President of Jack Levine, PA, a certified public accounting firm, since 1984. For more than 30 years, he has been advising corporations on financial and accounting matters and serving as an independent director on numerous boards, frequently as head of their audit committees. Mr. Levine is currently a director and chairman of the audit committee of SignPath Pharma, Inc., a development-stage biotechnology company, since 2010.

Mr. Levine is a certified public accountant licensed by the States of Florida and New York. He also is a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors, Association of Audit Committee Members and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Mr. Levine received a B.A. degree from Hunter College of the City University of New York and an M.A. from New York University.

Kenneth Marks


Mr. Marks, currently the President of KRM Energy Advisors LLC, which focuses on providing strategic and financing advice in the energy sector. He was previously Managing Director and Head of Power, Utilities and Renewables for the Americas for HSBC from 2011 to 2016 in which he was responsible for leading the bank’s investment banking and commercial banking services for clients in the sector in North and South America, including the provision of strategic advice, financing and other bank products. Mr. Marks’ experience in the power, utility and renewable area and his leadership positions at a leading global investment bank, one of the largest global commercial banks and at a non-profit entity applicable to the sector makes his input invaluable to our Board’s discussions of the EV charging and alternative energy markets. He also brings transactional in mergers and acquisitions and capital markets. Mr. Marks is a member of the Board of Directors of the Coalition for Green Capital, a non-profit entity whose mission is to foster development of clean energy and energy efficiency, and Chairman of its Audit Committee.

Ritsaart van Montfrans


Ritsaart is a serial venture entrepreneur and investor. He is currently Chief Executive Officer at Incision, a rapidly growing medical platform. Prior to this, he founded NewMotion in 2009 and grew the company as Chief Executive Officer to become the market leader for EV charging in Europe. By focusing on what’s really important for EV drivers and charge locations, NewMotion became the fastest growing and most intensively used charging network worldwide and has also been a leader in creating sustainable energy solutions for EV drivers and charging locations.